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Heart of the Wolf Part Two by Cheree Alsop

When Prince Edric saved the life of Fade, a Wolf Shifter, he had no idea the events that would follow. Now Fade’s life is on the line not only for Edric, but for the entire kingdom of Anira. Fade has to decide how far he will go as his strength, spirit, and his love for Princess Kelianna are tested to their limits. Anira hangs in the balance as Fade is forced to choose between aligning himself with the Kaidan warriors who threaten it, or risk losing everything to a peril greater than any imagined.

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Cover Reveal for REWIND TO YOU

Cover Reveal, About the Author, a Sneak Peek of REWIND TO YOU and Rafflecopter Giveaway

Genre: Clean Contemporary YA Romance
Release Date: September 15, 2014; Available for PREORDER now

One last summer before college on beautiful Tybee Island is supposed to help Sienna forget. But how can she? This is where her family spent every summer before everything changed, before the world as she knew it was ripped away.

But the past isn’t easily left behind. Especially when Sienna keeps having episodes that take her back to the night she wants to forget. Even when she meets the mysterious Austin Dobbs, the guy with the intense blue eyes, athlete’s body, and weakness for pralines who scooped her out of trouble when she blacked out on River Street.

When she’s with Austin, Sienna feels a whole new world opening up to her. Austin has secrets, and she has history. But caught between the past and the future, Sienna can still choose what happens now…

About the Author:

Laura Johnston lives in sunny Arizona with her husband and two children. Growing up in Orem, Utah with five siblings, a few horses, peach trees, beehives and gardens, she developed an active imagination and always loved a good story. Laura enjoys running, playing tennis, sewing, dancing (deduced to dancing around the kitchen while cooking dinner these days), traveling, writing, writing and more writing, and above all, spending time with her husband and kids. REWIND TO YOU, her debut novel, was inspired by the loss of her father as a teenager.

A Sneak Peek of REWIND TO YOU:

Giveaway: Signed Copy of REWIND TO YOU and $25 Amazon Gift Card

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Book Review: Empty Nest by Victoria Lynn

Empty Nest is an allegory in which a mother bird lays eggs, raises chicks and eventually watches them fly away.
Mother bird shares her emotions when she becomes an “Empty Nester.”
Mother bird gives insights on how she deals with the loss and loneliness, and how she keeps her spirits bright by serving and developing many different kinds of relationships, including relationships with her grandchildren.
The book’s simple, yet elegant illustrations display so much emotion and help tell the story beautifully.

You can get the book here:

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Interview with Ian Probert

WARNING: This book will seriously damage your funny bone. The poorest boy in school has just inherited £1 million. But there is a catch: If he can hold on to his cash for a whole year he will earn ten times that amount. Enter Felicity MacKenzie, the ugliest, sweatiest, vilest, cruelest, hairiest mother in the western world. When she steals her son’s money and goes on the spending spree to end all spending sprees it seems that Johnny Nothing will stay poor forever. However, Johnny has a plan – he will imprison his parents and force them to do homework and go to bed early as punishment. Join Johnny Nothing, Bill and Ben the bouncer men, Ebenezer Dark and a cast of literally dozens in (probably) the funniest book you will (most likely) ever read in (some of) your lifetime. Learn why solicitors like handbags; why dead people are windier than the North Sea; why parents dislike electrocution; and what happens to you after you die. Johnny Nothing: Book 01 in a series of less than two from best-selling author Ian Probert.

Deirdra: When did you first know you wanted to be an author?

It was a gradual thing. I always wrote very long stories that must have bored the teacher like crazy when I was at school. Then when I was at art college I began keeping a daily diary. This progressed to articles for magazines. Then I became a sports and music journalist. It was all an an accident really. I never intended to write.

1. Deirdra:  What is your writing and educational background?
Really, really poor. I went to a pretty rough comprehensive in Bristol. From there I went to art college in Bath and Exeter and studied painting. I have no formal writing qualifications. Not that they’re worth very much in my opinion.

2. Deirdra: What was the pathway like for you to get your first book published?
I obviously had a lot of rejections. Everybody does unless you’re a celebrity footballer or Oxbridge educated. Then in the mid-nineties I edited a couple of Terry Deary’s books. I ended up doing an awful lot of rewriting and decided that it might not be such a bad idea to have my own name along the spine. So I pitched some ideas to a publisher and thankfully they liked them.

3. Deirdra: Were you ever discouraged along the way? If so, how did you deal with it?
I’m discouraged almost every day. I’m a curious mixture of absolute self-belief and utter lack of self-confidence. I don’t think I ever really deal with it if I’m honest.

4. Deirdra: What books have most influenced your life?
As a child it was probably the first Narnia book, which I still re-read from time to time. Mind you, the others are desperately boring! As an adult I had a bit of an obsession with Brett Easton Ellis’ American Psycho, which is a brilliant, colossal book. I also admire The Music Of Chance by Paul Auster.

5. Deirdra: What dreams have been realized as a result of your writing?
I suppose I’ve met a few idols from my youth. I’ve sat at the same dinner table as Muhammad Ali, for example, one of the greatest icons of the 20th century.

6. Deirdra:  What is your writing schedule like?
I take my daughter to school and then work from about 10.00-2.00. I have a strange method of writing, which is to try to read the entire book as it stands so far before continuing with the writing. It means that every day I’m working I do less and less writing.

7. Deirdra: What do you do to relax and unwind? 
I play guitar and clarinet. Although rarely at the same time.

8. Deirdra:  Can you tell us a little about your book, Johnny Nothing?
It’s about a young boy who inherits £1 million from a crooked uncle with the proviso that if he can hold on to the money for a year he will inherit ten times that amount. Problem is, his mother’s an absolute monster and ends up stealing the money from him. It’s a comedy with a moral message. Which I’m not going to tell you because it will really ruin the story.

9. Deirdra:  What do you hope readers will get from your books?  
More than anything else I want them to laugh. For me it’s the most powerful reaction in the universe. I can’t describe what it’s like when you see someone reading something of yours and they laugh out loud. It’s amazing.

10. Deirdra:  What are you working on now?
I’m working on another kids book provisionally entitled ‘Dan’s Dead’. The book starts out with the main character discovering that he’s now a ghost. He’s been run over by a corrupt lord and must try to save someone’s life. Even though he’s dead.

11.Deirdra:  What is the best complement you could receive from a reader?
Well the other day another writer told me that his heart sank when he read an article I’d just written! He told me he’d just finished something that he thought was good and saw mine and his heart sank. I don’t know if he’s just being polite but it’s a pretty cool compliment.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Dark Eagles – Wells in Desolation by David R. Smith

The Dark Eagles – Wells in Desolation

With his faithful friends and mystical stone, Kief sets out on his greatest adventure yet, to

seek passage across the dangerous seas in search of the dreaded Wells in Desolation. But

there is more to fear than enemy soldiers and the pillaging rogues of the sea as others seek

the power of the stone.

Kief encounters new friends that help him along his journey and reveal secrets about his

past and destiny. But one truth threatens to doom the fate of The Dark Eagles...

Wells in Desolation Quote

The wind howled, the long pine branches bending and pitching in the darkness. The streets

were empty save the dancing shadows from the flickering lampposts.

“Who is that?” Tarc whispered above the whistling wind.

“I have no idea,” Kief replied, taking cover behind the tree.

The figure mounted a black horse; the great animal dressed on its head and chest with

tarnished steel plates of armor that cast dull reflections in the lamplight. On the horse’s

bridle were long decorative tassels; behind him he carried heavy saddlebags, as if he’d

journeyed from afar. Swift as the winds that blew, the mysterious stranger galloped past

Kief and Tarc…

About the Author

David was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and spent most of his childhood on a farm in Heber

City, located in the Wasatch Mountains. He loved exploring the mountains on his horse

looking for adventures to follow. Growing up, he wanted to be a movie director and used his

own Super 8 camera to make silent movies with his friends and brothers and sister. Instead

he earned a Bachelors in Engineering at the University of Utah. While there, he met the love

of his life, Jenelle, and they were blessed with three amazing sons: Josh, Tate, and Porter.

David later earned his Masters in Business Administration from Northwestern University

and pursued a path in the corporate world. But his creative side continued to tug at him

for years until finally through the encouragement of his wife and boys, he realized that it's

never too late to follow your dream. So David set off to write an epic adventure of a boy and

his horse and created a story of freedom, adventure, love, courage and sacrifice. When he's

not writing, David enjoys outdoor activities with his family, and especially loves surfing

with his three boys in Southern California where he resides.


The Deseret News and others are reviewing it now but I won’t have anything in time for

your post on Saturday.

Letter from a Fan

Hi Mr. Smith!

I received your new book in the mail yesterday and am already on page 214! Thank you

so much for sending it to us! It's an AMAZING story!! I love how Kief and Tarc and Flinch

banter with each other. That's how people are in real life, and it's hilarious! Most times

writers won't put the real conversation aspect into their stories. I laughed out loud several


The plot you are unraveling is so epic and cool and I love all the action. The most gripping

scenes come when you least expect them which makes the story one you can hardly put

down. I had trouble even writing you this email because I so badly want to keep reading!

You have me greatly anticipating what's going to happen with Tramillian and his dog's

secret message, and also the lost White Stone. Most of all I like Kief's courage and Tarc's

unsteadiness in the swinging bridge scene; it shows that while they are heroes, the boys are

still human and susceptible to fear and injury like anyone else. This helps people relate to

them which is a wonderful thing to be able to do with a character in an awesome story like


In short, I am greatly thrilled with Wells in Desolation and can't wait to get back to reading

it. I wish you the best of success with other readers and hope that everyone who reads the

Dark Eagles series realizes your true passion for telling the kind of story that inspires a

reader's heart.

Thank you so much again for sending me this amazing story!!



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Count Down for The Watchers

A friend on mine made a count down for  the first book of The Watchers Series release date.

I would LOVE for all my blogging friends to help by sharing the count down on the side bar of their blog.


For Blogger:
I went to “Layout”
Then “Add a Gadget”
Then “Configure HTML/JavaScript”
Then I copied and pasted the below script to make the count down:

<a href=""> <div style=" text-align:center; background-image:url(; background-position:center; background-size: 100% auto; width:161px; height:54px; padding-top:200px; "> <span id='pageinval34' style='text-align:center; font-family:arial, helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:12px; color:#FFFFFF; font-weight:bold;'> </span> </div> </a> <script type="text/javascript">function countdown_load2(){var the_event="Until Release";var on_event="Released";var yr=2014;var mo=09;var da=01;var hr=0;var min=0;var sec=0;var month='';var month=new Array("Jan","Feb","Mar","Apr","May","Jun","Jul","Aug","Sep","Oct","Nov","Dec");var bottom_event="";var now_d=new Date();var now_year=now_d.getYear();if (now_year < 1000)now_year+=1900;var now_month=now_d.getMonth();var now_day=now_d.getDate();var now_hour=now_d.getHours();var now_min=now_d.getMinutes();var now_sec=now_d.getSeconds();var now_val=month[now_month]+" "+now_day+", "+now_year+" "+now_hour+":"+now_min+":"+now_sec;event_val=month[mo-1]+" "+da+", "+yr+" "+hr+":"+min+":"+sec;difference=Date.parse(event_val)-Date.parse(now_val);differenceday=Math.floor(difference/(60*60*1000*24)*1);differencehour=Math.floor((difference%(60*60*1000*24))/(60*60*1000)*1);differencemin=Math.floor(((difference%(60*60*1000*24))%(60*60*1000))/(60*1000)*1);differencesec=Math.floor((((difference%(60*60*1000*24))%(60*60*1000))%(60*1000))/1000*1);if(document.getElementById('pageinval34')){if(differenceday<=0&&differencehour<=0&&differencemin<=0&&differencesec<=1&&now_day==da){document.getElementById('pageinval34').innerHTML=on_event;}else if (differenceday<=-1){document.getElementById('pageinval34').innerHTML="Event : "+on_event+" : passed";}else {document.getElementById('pageinval34').innerHTML=differenceday+"d "+differencehour+"h "+differencemin+"m "+differencesec+"s "+bottom_event;} }setTimeout("countdown_load2()",1000);}countdown_load2();</script>

I know there are several other popular blogging sites such as Wordpress.
I’ve never used these before. If you are a Wordpress fan or other type of blogging site guru, I would love to get the directions of how to post it.

Go ahead and leave a message or you can email me at EdenLiterary (a) gmail (dot) com

Here is the release poster you can share as well:

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ANWA Writer's Conference

We took a trip to Phoenix where I taught two classes to a bunch of amazing authors.
Time Management for Creative People (soon to be a book)
and Creating a Children's Book

Here are a few pictures I snapped:

·                                 This is our friend Adam Sidwell who wrote Evertaster. See Website here:

We will be getting together more often 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Galdoni Book 3: Out of Darkness by Cheree Alsop

Galdoni Book 3: Out of Darkness is about Reece, one of the first Galdoni allowed to go to school as part of the integration program. He combats hostility, hypocrisy, and his own instincts to fight until the day Ava walks into the classroom. Reece is torn by the way he is drawn to the female Galdoni and what she believes about him. When a threat attacks the school, Reece confronts pain, fear, and heartache to ensure that Ava, the school, and the rest of the Galdoni will never again become a target.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


The Watchers Series has been described as Braveheart meets Supernatural.

The mythology for the series is based on many theological texts from dozens of sects with correlating themes. Ancient writings include the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Traditional Apocrypha, the Pearl of Great Price and the Kabbalah.

“The Watchers” are supernatural beings in human form whose duty it is to protect and guard mankind from the armies of darkness.
Unfortunately, as the Book of Enoch mentions, some of these Watchers go bad.

Knight of Light Book #1 (Release date September 1, 2014)
Although the mythology is based on these texts, Deirdra Eden’s "The Watcher’s Series" is written in a traditional fairytale style with a young girl’s discovery of incredible, but dangerous powers within herself, a cast of humorous side-kicks, a quest for greater self-discovery and purpose, and villains of epic proportions.

Hidden Fire Book #2 (Release date February 4, 2015)

Auriella, an other-worldly warrior born in human form, is not the only one with extraordinary powers she must keep secret from humans. There are others like her, both good and evil, including Orion, the Scottish warrior who pursues a romantic relationship with Auriella which threatens her political standing and creates a deadly love triangle. But sometimes there is no right choice, and the man she is about to marry will make her the queen of apocalyptic evil and destruction.

The series starts in medieval times and takes us through modern day. The finale to this epic tale has the Watchers preparing for Armageddon. They desperately hold off the Shadow Legions that threaten to initiate the end of the world the complete genocide of the human race.

Please feel free to leave a comment and share.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Galdoni Book 2 by Cheree Alsop

Galdoni Book 2: Into the Fire is about Saro, a Galdoni misplaced by the closing of the Academy and taken in by a man whose motives are directed by a dangerous enemy. As Saro’s world crashes around him, he finds the one thing that was never meant to exist, a female Galdoni. He races against time to save her and in turn finds himself at the mercy of other Galdoni striving to carve their place in the world. Amid the burning chaos that has become his life, Saro finds a solace he never expected, eyes filled with understanding and a smile that steals his heart even though he’s only begun to trust.

With the fate of the Galdoni on his shoulders, Saro has to decide what’s worth fighting for, and how much he is willing to put on the line.

Links to Purchase Books:




Amazon for paperback & ebook:

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The Colony by Cami Checketts

Colony Tour

Tour Schedule

  The ColonyThe Colony by Cami Checketts To protect her sons from the mistakes of her past, Brinlee Trapper escapes to a secluded mountain home. But there are dangers lurking in the mountains she has never encountered. The little family is saved from injury by Jed, a mysterious hunter. Brinlee is drawn to him, but she worries about his involvement with a peaceful commune hidden deep in the mountains behind her property. Lance, Brinlee’s attentive neighbor, has his own troubled history. Between his obvious attraction to Brinlee and his developing love for her children, Brinlee finds it more than difficult to guard her heart against this tender intrusion. While Jed offers a life of excitement and freedom, Lance holds the key to the family Brinlee always wanted. When it comes time to choose, she learns that both men have secrets that could shatter her fledgling trust in men and the wrong decision could leave more than her heart exposed to danger.  

Colony 299

Praise "Cami Checketts is a genius! She writes about topics that aren't widely discussed, in and out of books, and she does such a brilliant job of crafting these things into wonderful stories that touch your heart and remain with you for days afterwards." ~Myra, Reviewer, Pieces of Whimsy

Grab your copy for just $2.99!

Author Cami Checketts Cami Checketts is married and the proud mother of four future WWF champions. Sometimes between being a human horse, cleaning up magic potions, and reading Bernstein Bears, she gets the chance to write fiction. Cami graduated from Utah State University with a degree in Exercise Science. Cami teaches strength training classes at her local rec and shares healthy living tips on her fitness blog: Cami and her family live in the beautiful Cache Valley of Northern Utah. During the two months of the year it isn’t snowing, she enjoys swimming, biking, running, and water-skiing.   Blog Tour Giveaway $25 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash Ends 2/6/14 Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use an Gift Code or Paypal Cash. Winning Entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to enter or have your parent enter for you. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Rafflecopter or any other entity unless otherwise specified. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. Giveaway was organized by Kathy from I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and sponsored by the author. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. a Rafflecopter giveaway  

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Kindle Fire HD raffle for Charity

“I'm very polite by nature, even the voices in my head let each other finish their sentences.” – from Completely Flappable
Don’t you just hate it when you have a thousand little thoughts rattling around your brain, good for nothing but keeping you up at night? Ideas, worries, mental reminders for the next day? My voices can get pretty insistent, and mostly this is a nuisance, but sometimes it’s okay, when there’s a story idea or two among the ramblings. And rarely, very rarely, I get what I think is a really good idea, but one that I don't know what to do with. For instance, a while ago it occurred to me that it’s probably not governments or big corporations that wield the world’s greatest financial power. I think it’s us. All the little people together. Then I started wondering what could happen if we all decided to set 1 month of our incomes aside towards fixing this place up a bit. How many of the world’s problems could we actually solve permanently? Half of them, maybe? All of them? That's a pretty cool picture. But I’m a pretty dim light when it comes to implementing even small ideas, never mind the big ones. So I’m not sure how to get that ball rolling (heck, I'm not even sure where we keep the balls). But I can certainly start with myself. That’s easy enough (I’ve been in close contact with myself for years; I didn't have much trouble convincing myself.) So, this December, all proceeds of all my novels will go to Child Helpline International. The CHI is pretty cool because they support toll-free child helplines worldwide and they help highlight gaps in child protection systems. They do all this on donations (click the image below for more information.)
But what does all this have to do with you? Well, I'm raffling off some prizes and giving out some freebees to boost the donation (expenses out of my own pocket, not the donation :P ) So what's in it for you, besides that warm, fuzzy feeling you'll get knowing the Xmas presents you’re buying include an automatic donation? Well, how about I give you the new edition to the award winning No Hope for Gomez saga completely free?
And how about a Kindle Fire HD raffle ticket with every purchase while we’re at it?
Simply forward your receipt emails to to participate. And now, on to the pitch. This is the bit where I try to convince you, using only my words, that my novels don’t suck (or at least, not too much.) That they won’t only tickle your brain, but they’ll actually make your life better, if only marginally. That they are, in fact, worthy donation material. Here goes (fingers crossed)...
Paper: $6.08 Kindle:$2.99 (uk paper, kindle)

No Hope for Gomez!

Winner of the Forewords Book of the Year Awards, featured on Kirkus Best Indie List 2011, IBA and USA Book News Award nominee.

It's the age-old tale:   Boy meets girl.   Boy stalks girl.   Girl already has a stalker.   Boy becomes her stalker-stalker. We've seen it all before, many times, but this time it's different. If only slightly.

"Extremely witty writing containing keen insights into human nature." --California Chronicle "Challenges the way we think about, and interact with, the world around us." --Kirkus Discoveries "The antics in this book will leave the reader laughing. Graham Parke is a genius."--Reader's Favorite

Unspent Time

Warning: reading this novel may make you more attractive and elevate your random luck by about 9.332%*

(*These statements have not been evaluated by anyone of consequence)

Permeating the cracks between the past and the present is the realm of Unspent Time. Time that was allotted but never spent. In this realm we find the stories that could have been true. Such as the story of the designer of the color scheme used inside your shoe, or the story of Goki Feng Ho: the Chinese art of decoding the secret meaning of car license plates.
Paper: $6.08 Kindle:$2.99 ePub : $2.99 (uk paper, kindle)

“Captivating. Each story fired up my imagination.” – Alan H. Jordan, author. "Delightfully mad. Graham's vibrant characters shine from the first page." --Tahlia Newland, author.

Free with this event

Completely Flappable

“He’s completely flappable!” “Don’t you mean he’s unflappable?” “Not really. He can very easily be flapped.”

Gomez has never been on a date. In his 27 years on the planet he’s never been able to quite close the deal. For some reason, circumstances always conspire to make his meet-ups with women less than official dates. But now a blond German girl with freckles has moved into his building and he decides it’s time to get his act together.
If you've read this far, you're already my hero ;) I hope you like my idea enough to join me in this fun adventure. Let's see how much we can raise this Xmas ;) Kind regards, Graham Parke

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Silver Moon by Cheree Alsop (GIVE AWAY)

Silver Moon

Silver Moon, the seventh book in the Silver Series, is about Jaze as he fights to hold onto the peace he has achieved for the werewolves. Tensions rise, ultimatums are made, and Jaze is forced to make a decision that will change everything for werewolves, hunters, and humans alike. Hearts are broken, lives are forfeit, and Jaze’s pack is called upon to save those who survive.

Look for her on these sites:

Amazon for paperback & ebook:
Barnes&Noble for ebook: 
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Silver Moon is about sacrificing everything for love. With those he cares about on the line, Jaze’s courage, loyalty, and leadership are put to the ultimate test.


Reply to this post with your email for a chance to win a copy of Silver Moon.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween Book. When Death Loved an Angel by Cheree Alsop - Give Away!

Death loved his existence. He charmed women, completed his list, and was content until the day he tried to kill Gregan Parker and came face to face with Gregan’s guardian angel. She fought for the man’s life, challenging Death the way no angel ever had. In the face of her defiance, he felt his heart do something it hadn’t for centuries; it beat. Death found himself falling for the angel, but she already loved Gregan, a man who had never seen her.

Watching Nyra love a man who didn’t know of her existence could terminate Death’s heart when it had just begun to beat, but taking away the one thing she cared about would destroy any chance he had with her. Could Death truly put himself last and risk letting his love slip through his fingers, or would he figure out a way to save both his heart and the angel who stole it?

Social Media Links:




Amazon for paperback & ebook:

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Smashwords for all ebook formats: 

For the give away, become a follower and leave an email where you can be reached for a chance to win a copy of this amazing book!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Forever Fredless by Suzy Turner

Forever Fredless by Suzy Turner

Kate Robinson has spent the past two decades yearning to find her soul mate, the boy she found and then lost during a family holiday.
Shortly after her twenty-eighth birthday, however, she inherits a fortune from an old family friend and becomes something of an overnight celebrity. Can her new-found fame lead her to him after all this time?

Thank God for anti-perspirant, I thought as I sat on the couch and waited for the countdown to begin. I clutched at my hands until they were white and looked across at the two people sitting opposite, both completely at ease in front of the cameras.
Five, four, three, two, one...
'Welcome back to this morning's edition of Good Morning GB,' announced Ireland Rothschild, the blonde-haired, blue eyed darling of morning TV.
'I'm here with Fergus O'Reilly and we've a special guest with us this morning. None other than Britain's love-struck multi-millionaire, Kate Robinson.
Welcome, Kate,' she said with a dazzling smile aimed more towards the camera than at me.
As my cheeks began to heat up, I was so grateful to the make-up artist, who had insisted on caking on the foundation before the show had started. In fact, I had so much make-up on that I was hoping once I'd removed it, nobody would recognise me when I headed to the airport in my now rather stupidly chosen car. I couldn't exactly blend in driving a pink Mini could I?
'Good morning,' I whispered shyly.
Fergus grinned back at me, tilting his head as if he was about to speak to a child. 'Now, tell us, Kate dear, how does it feel to never have to worry about money ever again?' he asked, his toothpaste advert  teeth twinkling beneath the heat of the studio lights.
'Erm, well, I guess it's... erm, kind of... erm,' I felt so bloody stupid. Great time for my brain to stop working. 'I - erm. Great,' I nodded. 'Great, really great.' Idiot.
Ireland glanced across at her grey-haired colleague and pouted before nodding. 'Tell us how you knew this man. This,' she glanced down at the iPad on her lap and continued, 'Samuel?'
I cleared my throat and lifted my head, feeling like my brain was back in action. 'He was a very good friend of the family, some years ago,' I answered.
'Just a friend? Why did he leave you all his money and his property?' asked Fergus.
'He didn't have any family and I guess you could say that my mother and I were the closest he ever had to a family.'
'Isn't that lovely?' pouted Ireland. 'You certainly are a lucky woman. But what about your mother? Didn't she receive any of his inheritance?'
'No,' I said before swallowing hard. 'My mother lives a rather... nomadic lifestyle, in Africa. She doesn't want any of it. All she asked of me was to donate a sum to charity which, of course, I have done.'
'She lives in Africa? A nomadic lifestyle? That sounds intriguing. Perhaps we should interview her one of these days,' laughed Ireland and Fergus together.
'Have you splashed out on anything since receiving your inheritance back in June?' they asked, leaning forward eagerly awaiting my answer.
'Yes I have actually. I bought a car and a new house.'
'Well good for you, Kate. But now, most of us are curious about this boy you lost. Tell us about him?'
Oh no. Why did I agree to this?
Taking a deep breath, I knew I had no choice. Several articles had been printed since the one in Liberty; everyone wanted to know more and nobody was going to leave me alone until I told them everything.
'He was just a boy who I had a connection with when I was much, much younger. It was at Skegness. At an afternoon disco for kids. I was dancing and I felt someone touch my back and when I turned around there he was.  The most beautiful boy I'd ever seen,' I said, stopping and smiling as I reminisced. ‘It was one of the happiest memories of my life.'
Sighing, I continued, 'We just looked at each other and it was like everything else just disappeared into the background. We stood staring, for what seemed like ages. I could barely move. And then, almost as soon as it had begun, my dad appeared and took me away. I couldn't do anything as we walked to the car. I looked around for the boy but he was gone. And then, just as we were driving away, I turned around in my seat and there he was. He had a daffodil in his hand. I always assumed he'd gone to pick it for me, but that's just a childish fantasy, I guess. The whole thing is probably nothing but a childish fantasy, really.'
Ireland was very carefully dabbing at her eyes with a tissue, pretending to be moved, while Fergus smiled sadly.
'What a beautiful story, Kate. I don't believe for one second that this is a childish fantasy. It's romantic and beautiful,' Ireland said.
'Now, tell us, Kate. Why did you call him Fred?' asked Fergus.
Smiling, I explained about the Right Said Fred song, just as the music began in the background.
'What a wonderful tale. Thank you, Kate, for joining us today. It's been a pleasure having you with us to share your story,' said Fergus.
'Thank you,' I whispered before the camera moved back to Ireland as she straightened her skirt and looked alluring. 'Do you remember this moment in time?'
she asked. 'Are you the elusive Fred? We'd love to hear from you. You can contact us at...'
Before I could hear anything else, I was ushered off the couch and back behind the scenes where Jo stood, waiting patiently for me, with open arms.

(more coming soon)

Suzy Turner has worked as a journalist, assistant editor, features editor and magazine editor. Early in 2010 however, she began writing full time and has
since completed six books for young adults (the Raven Saga and The Morgan Sisters series) and one chick lit novel, Forever Fredless.
Although Suzy is a Yorkshire lass at heart, she left her home town of Rotherham, UK, to move to Portugal with her family when she was ten. The Algarve
continues to be her home, where she lives with her childhood sweetheart and husband of 15 years, Michael, and their two neurotic dogs and a cat who thinks
she's a princess.

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